Kristina has since she was a child had a big intrest in acting. She have participated in severel shortmovies and plays. She has taken various courser in method acting, and has specialiced in the use of the Meisner technique. She is passionated and dedicated. Takes a pride in delivering a convincing performance and a living caracter.

Kristina has also several years of experiens as a professional horsback rider. She has participated i compertitions in showjumping, Dressage and ponygames. But the last 3 years she has emphasized in the use of weapons from horseback. She have trained in the use of archery, sward and spear from horseback, and with making an realistic choreography usabel in reanacments of combat.   

Kristina also has many years experiance with martial arts. She is trained in thaiboksing, boksing and Jiu Jitzu. The past 4 years she has ben focused on thaiboksing, and has achived 2. kyu graduation.